Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Indian/Bangladeshi/Pakistani Jewellery Accessories

Apart from the oversized earings and necklaces we like to wear! I have compiled a list of jewellery and accessories which makes this culture unique and different to others.


Decorative chain on the forhead.


Worn around both ankles.

'Slave' Earrings

Not sure what they're called. Its usually an earring with a chain joined from the earring and top of the ear or hooked onto the hair.

Nose Chain

Worn by brides, a large nose ring with a chain joined from the ring to the hair.


Elaborate bracelet with chains joined to the ring.

Belly Chain

Mainly worn with a sari.


Like a bracelet but worn around the arm.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Different styles of wearing the dupatta or shawl

There are many ways of wearing the dupatta depending on your body shape and the design of your kameez or dupatta.

I have compiled some pictures which will hopefully help you ladies bring out the most of your dupattas!!

The Front Sway Look

This will be ideal if your kameez is plain and the dupatta has great designs.

Tied over the hair

Knot Around The Neck

Draped Over One Side

The Twist

Tied Around The Wrist